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Complete Home Care Services caregivers are vetted and screened in accordance with NYS DOH guidelines and Complete Home Care Services policies and procedures.

In addition to being licensed and credentialed, backgrounds checks, criminal history and thoughtful consideration or references is part of our hiring process. We hire caregivers with patience, compassion and good health. Our caregivers are respectful and empathetic.

Sustained professional development provides opportunities for caregivers to have access to current research and innovative practices in home care. Complete Home Care provides skilled nursing by nurses that are at the forefront of their field.

Coordinators make matches based on patient and family preference. They understand that patients are unique and that appropriate caregiver placement is critical to the success of the home care experience.

Caregivers 101 – FAQ

  1. Can I trust the caregivers in my home? Complete Home Care has a comprehensive background check and rigorous interview process to vet caregivers. Our employee retention rate is extremely high and we have worked with many of our caregivers over many years. Coordinators work to make appropriate placements based on preferences of patients and their families.
  2. How is the caregiver selected? Can I make a change? Caregivers are hired based on clinical competency. Caregivers are placed based on the unique needs and preferences of the patient. CHCS Coordinators are able to make necessary changes or adjustments quickly.
  3. Will I lose independence in my home? Home care services create more independence for patients and families. Having a caregiver enables patients to be in control of their activities of daily living. A caregiver supports patients so that they can then spend time enjoying their loved ones.
  4. Can a family member be hired to take care of a loved one? CHCS partners with the NYS DOH Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). This Medicaid program provides services to chronically ill or physically disabled individuals who have a medical need for help with activities of daily living (ADLs) or skilled nursing services.Services can include any of the services provided by a personal care aide (home attendant), home health aide, or nurse. Recipients have flexibility and freedom in choosing their caregivers.

Do you still have questions about home care services? Reach out to Complete Home Care today at (718) 528-5493 or find a caregiver near you. We would be happy to assist you!

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