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Providers: Skilled Nursing

CHCS nurses are trained in a range of specialities, including pediatric, oncology, and geriatric care as well as infusion. We collaborate with physicians, pharmacists, discharge planners, case managers, and social workers so that patients can have the skilled nursing they need in the comfort of their own home.

Nurses services include:

Teaching patients & their caregivers’ self-care.

Coordination of multidisciplinary services.


Collaborating with the family physician & the patient in the plan of care.

CHCS also provides:

  • Individualized clinical care and education plan for each patient
  • Clinical laboratory monitoring
  • Medication reconciliation
  • “First Dose At Home” program
  • PICC insertions
  • Continuity of care with nursing, pharmacy, and dietitian reports
  • Physician follow-ups by nurse and pharmacy managers upon request
  • Written protocols for the safe administration of infused drugs
  • 24-hour on-call nursing and pharmacy support
  • Updates on emerging medications, drug shortages, and drug recalls

Infusion services range from IV Antibiotics, TPN, Pain Management and more.

CHCS Referral Forms

Use these forms to make a nursing referral and caregiver referral for CHCS home care. You can also use these forms to document a face-to-face
encounter between you and your patient related to their need for home care and medical qualifications as homebound.

Providers: Ways to Pay for Families

There are many ways to finance this important time in life. Whether you are a provider, patient or family member, CHCS Intake Specialists will help you navigate the payment process.

Ways to Pay: Providers

  • Medicaid Programs
  • Private Pay (savings, pension and retirement):
    Patients and families often use a Social Security benefits, private pensions, savings, home equity, or reverse mortgages to cover the costs for home care. CHCS Intake Specialists can make recommendations to cover the cost of care and maximizing the benefit of services.
  • Long-term Home Care Insurance:
    A long-term care insurance plan is one way that patients and families cover the cost of home care. CHCS Intake Specialists can help you find out about a loved ones long-term care status.
  • Veteran Benefits
    CHCS partners with VA offices to seek the best possible benefits and home care solutions for veterans.

Additional Options:

Patients should have access to the care they need when they need it. There are a variety of ways some patients overcome immediate financial challenges. Some patients choose asset conversion including home equity lines of credit, life settlements, death benefit loans, life care assurance benefits, and viatical settlements (the financial transaction of a life insurance policy from a life insurance policyholder, the Viator, to a third party, such as a viatical settlement provider) also offer a variety of methods for people to pay for in-home care services.

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